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Fixional is an editorial tool that can supercharge your writing, offering corrections, suggestions, and insights that go deeper than grammar.

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Clear Feedback

In addition to checking spelling and grammar, Fixional identifies sentences that may be unclear or distracting to your readers

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Manuscript Scores

Fixional provides an assessment of your manuscript as a whole, looking at completeness, originality, craft, and more

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For All Writing

Whether you're finishing your novel, a school essay, or a blog post for your company, Fixional can help assess and improve any work of writing

Fix My Manuscript

Want to try Fixional for one manuscript? Check out our per manuscript pricing.

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Error-free writing. Ensure your writing is free of spelling and grammatical mistakes with our proofreading software.


Clear and effective prose. Moving beyond spelling and grammar, Fixional identifies areas of your writing that may be confusing, verbose, or unoriginal, offering suggestions and insights when possible.


Overall assessments. In addition to corrections, suggestions, and insights, Fixional evaluates your entire document to let you know how it rates in terms of completeness, clarity, originality, and more.

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