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Fixional is an editorial tool that helps time-strapped teams do more with less, from sifting through slush piles to prepping manuscripts for publication.

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Manuscript Evaluations

Fixional provides an automated report for each manuscript, highlighting completeness, originality, proficiency, areas for improvement, and more

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Manuscript Feedback

In addition to spelling and grammar, Fixional can help with copy and line edits, consistency checks, and ensuring adherence to style and brand guidelines

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Fully Customizable

Fixional is fully customizable and improves with use—allowing you to tailor the overall score, relevancy score, and editorial markups to your publication

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Scale your expertise. Fixional helps editorial teams extend their reach by automating parts of the editorial process, from customized copy and line edits to publication-specific manuscript assessments.


Supercharge your quality control. Whether you accept unsolicited submissions or create all of your content in-house, Fixional provides another metric for quality control, ensuring everything you publish meets your standards.


Track your workflow. With Fixional, you can track and extract any data in your workflow, from time spent on each manuscript to the most common themes in your manuscripts.

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