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Designed with and for professional editors, Fixional can help with copy edits, line edits, and proofreading, allowing you to spend more time with creative work and less time repeating markups.

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Automated Copy Edits

In addition to spelling and grammar, Fixional can help with copy and line edits, consistency checks, and more

Suggestions Beyond Grammar

Fixional flags passages that may be unclear, cliché, or may be inconsistent with the rest of the work's writing style

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Adaptable & Customizable

Fixional is fully customizable and improves with use—allowing you to personalize your editorial markups


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Less time marking up manuscripts. Fixional can help automate parts of your editorial process, from customized copy and line edits to publication-specific markups.


Easy to use. Fixional is an online platform with markups accessible via Track Changes in Microsoft Word.


Manuscript tracking. Use Fixional to keep track of every manuscript in your workflow.

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