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For this month’s publisher spotlight, we’re thrilled to highlight Izzard Ink, a hybrid publishing company whose collaborative approach strives to offer the best of both traditional and self-publishing methods. At Izzard Ink Publishing “self-publishing is no longer publishing by yourself.”

If you’re thinking of self-publishing your book, read below for more information on Izzard Ink’s background and process. 


Izzard Ink was founded in 2013 by Tim McConnehey, after he read an article in the Wall Street Journal about the revolutionary potential of ebooks. After helping a widow repackage her deceased husband’s books for the digital marketplace, Tim created Izzard Ink to help more authors get their work into the world.

Since that initial idea, the Izzard Ink team has helped authors, other publishing houses, celebrities, and highly accomplished former athletes sell over 1,000,000 books worldwide, including partnering with local publishers on four continents. Tim McConnehey and Izzard Ink has been featured in Forbes, MarketWatch, The Star, and other international publications.


Izzard Ink has created a collaborative publishing method that’s broken down into the following steps: Plan, Pick, Publish, & Personal.

Plan: Izzard Ink offers detailed manuscript assessments from expert editors to help authors understand what kind of editing their manuscript needs, how their manuscript could be improved, where it fits into the marketplace, and whether or not it’s ready for the larger investment of publishing. 

Pick: For each step of the process, from editing to design, Izzard offers a selection of expert professionals with years of experience working on bestsellers from major publishers in your genre. As part of this step, Izzard does the legwork of researching and curating a selection of experts who are right for your book, presenting a proposal with each expert’s experience, background, and why they believe the expert would be a good choice for your book.

Publish: Izzard Ink coordinates the entire publishing process, from editing, design, distribution, and marketing. They manage communication between you, your editors, your designers, and they handle the distribution process, managing the details while leaving the author in control of every decision. The rationale behind this coordination is to help your book succeed without you having to be an expert on design, editing, or distribution. By providing you with both expertise and control, Izzard Ink strives to deliver the best of both traditional and self publishing.

Personal: To quote their site, “You will have a dedicated book publishing consultant who is here to guide you and answer all of your questions, every step of the way.”

If you’re looking to self-publish your writing, receive a manuscript assessment, or work with a hybrid publisher, visit their site for more information:

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