How can B2B publishers use Fixional?

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With an intelligent editorial tool like Fixional, B2B publishers can improve their manuscripts, save time in the editorial process, and uphold their style guides at scale.

The current operations of a B2B publication

As a B2B publisher, you provide the latest industry news to your respective market. Keeping your audiences informed—and engaged with thought leadership, subject matter expertise, and up-to-date releases—can be taxing to your editorial process. This strain on the editorial process only increases as you produce more content and accept more manuscripts from authors outside of your publication.

When every paragraph needs to be polished, fact-checked, and properly styled, it's important to reduce as much strain on the editorial process as possible to ensure your team has the time they need to uphold a high level of quality and integrity. With the right technology, editing for a B2B publication can go from a time-strapped workflow to an inefficient, well-oiled machine.

Using Fixional for B2B publishing

Designed with and for professional editors, Fixional can help with copy edits, line edits, proofreading, and manuscript evaluations, allowing you to spend more time with creative work and less time repeating markups. This allows your team to spend less time in the manual editing process and more time building a tailored content pipeline for your readership. 

To help you save time spent copy editing, Fixional identifies how much work an individual article still needs so you can identify where in your workflow the article belongs. Fixional can also extend your reach, maintaining your brand style with automated markups, and enabling your team to spend more time on fact checks, research, and author feedback.

The best part about Fixional? You can customize it to your publication so it improves with use, learning your markup patterns and style guidelines. Better yet, the amount of time spent reviewing, editing, and passing things off to the next person will be significantly reduced. How much more efficient would your B2B magazine be with those hours back in your pocket? Reviewing work will be a breeze, allowing your team to free up resources and devote more time to maintaining brand guidelines, nurturing relationships with contributors, and coming up with new ideas to engage your readership.

The conclusion

The number of B2B publishers has exploded in the last ten years. As readers increasingly consume more content, editorial teams are pressured to publish more writing than ever before. To keep up, editors-in-chief are now the analysts, industry experts, business managers, and liaisons from brand to public, and require editorial tools to help save them time in the editorial process. With Fixional, B2B publishers can scale their expertise while maintaining content quality and integity.

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