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Like many other industries, the publishing industry and its tools are changing as a result of digital transformation. Everything from the way authors connect with literary agents to the nature of publishing itself has seen a dramatic shift over the last ten years. As more writers submit their work for publication, editorial teams are increasingly strained to review all of this work and publish high-quality writing without letting great submissions through the cracks. How will editorial departments handle the new boom? The answer lies with technology, and more specifically, with intelligent editing tools.

Responsibilities of the editorial team 

There aren’t many professions that allow you to bring ideas to life. The Publishers Association said it well: publishing is about “communicating ideas, making connections, linking people who are creating content with people who need that content.” The role of the editorial team is to ensure books and articles are completed and published with the highest integrity. The team is the liaison between authors and their audience, working with writers from the beginning of their projects to publication. 

As far as editing tools, editorial departments rely on a myriad of resources to help the editing and proofreading process, from Submittable to Adobe InCopy. Often the teams are using several tools under one roof, sometimes still receiving print submissions on their desks while also dealing with an overflow of digital submissions that can get lost in a slush pile. 

So much work, so little time

Every week, teams across the world are confronted with thousands of submissions from writers trying to gain the attention of publishers and literary agents. Publishers are on the front lines of driving forward innovation with a mission-critical goal: publicize quality content that creates the largest impact and ROI possible. This great responsibility comes with its own challenges, much like sifting through slush piles and preparing manuscripts at high volume.

At any given time, an editorial department is using technology to streamline the publishing process. Relying on social media and Google data is the norm in making data-driven decisions for today’s editorial departments, and teams are seeking new ways to edit each line of copy faster and better than ever before. Grammar tools are ideal for a novice writing a paper for college, not for the massive manuscripts that make their way to literary agents and publishers. Even though submissions may have moved online, there is still a tremendous amount of work to be done and never enough hours in the day.

The editor, the wordsmith of the editorial team, buckles down and gets to work on each copy edit. Normally this is a manual workflow. At the end of the day, the editor still has to read through the entire manuscript and check for accuracy during the publishing process. The problem with traditional editing is how time-consuming the entire workflow is, even with a computer. There just isn’t a tool that can scale an editor's expertise, or is there? That’s where Fixional comes in.

The solution

Designed with and for professional publishers, editors, and writers, Fixional is an intelligent editing tool that helps editorial teams extend their reach by automating parts of the editorial workflow. This includes everything from customized copy and line edits to publication-specific manuscript assessments. Think of Fixional as your right-hand in editing—using advanced technologies to rapidly proofread, suggest, revise, and categorize writing, Fixional does the heavy lifting while helping teams manage the entire editing process from discovery to proofreading.

Perhaps you create your content in-house or you do not accept unsolicited submissions. Fixional provides another metric for quality control, ensuring everything you publish meets your high standards. Fixional acts as a scorecard for your manuscripts, providing in-depth analysis to areas that need attention. It provides an automated report for each manuscript, highlighting completeness, originality, proficiency, areas for improvement, and more. You’re more likely to stay on brand when an editing tool like Fixional is able to check for clarity and consistency with each copy and line edit. 

In addition, Fixional reveals bottlenecks in the editorial process, helping your team get ahead of possible project delays. It’s the world’s most powerful editorial tool for professional editors, writers, and publishers alike, getting better with use as it learns patterns and ways of working over time.


The publishing industry has changed dramatically over the last two decades with the introduction of eBooks and self-publishing. The digitization of manuscript submissions and other aspects of the editorial process have allowed teams to review and revise more work than ever before. Now editorial teams need a tool that can help scale their expertise and save them time in the process.

Fixional is a central platform for editorial departments to collaborate and view manuscripts in their workflow, fitting in between submissions and publishing. As an advanced editorial tool that helps time-strapped teams do more with less, Fixional can help your team operate with greater efficiency, speed, and accuracy, every time.

Interested in trying it out for yourself? Try our Pro Plan to get started or contact us to see a demo and learn about our customizable solutions.

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