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Fixional is an advanced editorial tool that helps evaluate, edit, and improve  manuscripts.

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A new kind of editorial tool

Fixional reviews entire documents

Where most editorial tools review grammar, spelling, and tone, Fixional assesses the quality of the entire document—is the manuscript well-written? Is it original? Does the writing achieve its intended purpose?

With these manuscript assessments, Fixional provides both an overall report and detailed comments to improve the document. On the Premier Plan, Fixional is completely customizable as well.

So whether you're writing a paper, editing a novel, or sorting through a slush pile, Fixional can help.

The next step in editing

Manuscript reports

Outlining quality, completeness, originality, & more.

Copy & line edits

Looking beyond grammar at clarity, craft, & more.

Adaptive edits & reports

Fully customized platforms available on the Premier Plan.

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Manuscript Reports

Use Fixional to evaluate your own writing or manuscripts in your workflow.

Tailor the reports to your editorial process with the Premier Plan.

Manuscript Feedback

Automated copy and line edits provide instant manuscript feedback.

Customize markups on the Premier Plan, with edits that improve with use.

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