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Supercharge your writing with Fixional—a powerful editorial tool that evaluates and improves manuscripts.

Looking beyond grammar at clarity, originality, and writing effectiveness, Fixional provides corrections, suggestions, and insights that help you hone your craft and your manuscript.

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Fixional identifies errors and passages of writing that may be distracting or confusing to your readers.

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Fixional rates your manuscript as a whole, looking at craft, originality, completeness, and more

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Whether you're finishing your first novel or revising your fifth, Fixional can help improve your work.

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Better insights. Better writing. With advanced editorial checks and evaluations, Fixional provides novel insights and meaningful recommendations.


Clear writing. Strong prose. In addition to checking grammar and usage, Fixional identifies passages that are confusing, verbose, or unoriginal.


Useful ratings. In addition to suggestions, insights, and corrections, Fixional assesses your entire document and provides a score for completeness, originality, and more.

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