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Fixional is an editorial tool that evaluates and improves writing quality.

Whether you’re revising one manuscript or reviewing one thousand, Fixional can help.

Manuscript Evaluations

Assessing completeness, originality, craft, & more

Manuscript Feedback

Providing corrections, suggestions, & insights

Adaptable & Customizable

Fixional improves with use and is fully customizable

For All Types
Of Writing

From novellas to essays, Fixional can improve any work of writing

For publishers
Improve your workflow with customized style sheets, adaptive copy and line edits, and high-quality reports.

For editors
Scale your expertise with an editorial tool that extends your reach and improves with use.

For writers
Strengthen your writing with clear, concise, and meaningful feedback.

Fix your writing

with suggestions, corrections, & insights that go deeper than grammar


Identifies passages that may be unclear or distracting to readers


Highlights issues with grammar, spelling, usage, & punctuation


Identifies issues with consistency, clarity, and originality

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